From the war a constant search is made, trying to find other thinking beings like us in the universe. At some point in our existence information was sent to outer space, with the aim of making contact with any kind of intelligent life out there. Finally they have found us and their plans are not exactly friendly. They have sent a kind of life, similar to larvae (worms) with the ability to terraform the planet and thus extinguish humans before their arrival. But for some reason, these creatures or larvae detect loud sounds and appear to be attracted to them. In a small town a group of people have noticed this and now not only resist their attacks. They try to hunt them. This group of former crocodile hunters, assassins, warriors and retired military experts want to face this invasion and have created a route of peoples to extinguish the horde of invaders, using different weapons of attack, defense and traps, is the only opportunity to fight them.



Seiko (strength and truth) daughter of Japanese immigrants, expert in martial arts and lethal with the katana, wants revenge for the death of her family at the hands of the invaders, does not speak much but has an ability to move and kill her enemies.

Crazy Mike, a former Military retired but passionate about weapons and combat, there will never be a lack of whiskey and cigars in his vests. He is firmly convinced of being the savior who will liberate the planet to the rhythm of Metalcore, putting an end to those "stinking extraterrestrial worms", as he calls them.
Bobby Joe

Bobby Joe is a crocodile hunter from the southern marshes. He collects his heads from all his hunts and now he just wants to kill these creatures and hang their necks in the cabin where he has spent his last years. He likes country music, women, his dog and obviously his double-barreled shotgun that he inherited from his grandfather.

Trevon, an African-American ex-gang member from the streets of NY, was looking for a quiet life in a remote village, but his life changed when he returned home one day and saw that a big hole swallowed him and with it his two little daughters and his wife, from that moment a hatred and thirst for revenge for what has happened is generated.


It will provide a fun experience and connect the story of the graphic novel with the game, the user can download our pdf or see the ER website and know the story thoroughly and then go to the game to perform missions, it is a kind of continuation to the narrative for example in the story after reading the entire chapter or episode "the survivors leave Seiko alone and have to face their trial or destiny?" At that point the game experience begins, the stories can be inside the app and outside of it, in order to hook our readers who know and download the game or vice versa.


EARTH RESISTANCE is an IP of the Ignicion Games studio, this project will be directed to a casual public and action, where the idea of playing a content with a lot of graphic action and additional history content will be conveyed to be taken as a transmedia project like history. We want to offer the experience of being able to play a tower defense as simple as possible, where you can organize weapons and be able to explore in the 3rd person the game in search of objects, weapons or unexpected events.