Celestium the defense program calls for 3 experienced pilots, warrior soldiers with a spiritual belief "they are said to be the chosen ones or sent from God, they have been able to travel in time through the universe until arriving at this moment to protect the last creation of God". These 3 modern protective angels have brought different knowledge to defend us from this invasion. Unique characters are part of this story. The most ambitious military project in the world has already been launched ... will you fight?

Concept Art Celestium

All Nephilim take over human beings who notice that they believe in a God or a divine being will be possessed (undead zombies) and used as combat material to attack other human beings or labor force.



It is an FPS game that unfolds in a magical and technological world. It has the ability to play with psychic, physical and warlike powers, facing enemies in all kinds of scale and power. The invaders seize places on the earth and spread their infection in the land, water and air, adapting the climate and the place, the infestation is all over the world, there is no place on earth that is safe, there is a place where the past and the future agree.